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The fixed valve puller provides a device whereby a tubular oil pump can be used to carry out fixed valve maintenance operations by simply lifting the sucker rod string.
Standard part of a rod type pump used to connect the plunger to the rod string.
The drawpipe is a standard part of the moving bobbin pump.Material selection is seamless steel tube, the surface can be chrome plated or other anticorrosive hardening treatment.
The eccentric pump designed by our company can exploit crude oil with viscosity>4000mpa*s.
The hydraulic feedback pump designed by our company can exploit crude oil with viscosity > 4000mpa*s.
According to the characteristics of heavy oil wells, Weima uses the pressure of the tubing liquid column to assist the sucker rod to descend, and has designed several special henavy oil pumps.
In this regard, Weima designed and developed a long plunger sand setting pump that can be used in wells with high sand content and interstitial wells with sand content of less than 3%.
The two-stage anti-gas rod pump designed and developed by Weima adopts a slender upper plunger connect with a larger diameter lower plunger in series to divide the lower pump barrel into upper and lower two working chambers.
The Double Sealed Rod Pump designed and developed by Weima applies the combination of mechanical seal and cup seal .
The large diameter pump designed and developed by Weima is to design the oversized pump for a given casing size well. The outer diameter of the plunger shall be larger than the inner hole of the tubing.