A great deal of oil was discovered in the desert

2020/01/14 14:51

With the development of The Times, oil has become an indispensable resource in people's life. As a new generation of resources, it is very useful in life and industrial development.So the demand for oil resources is also increasing. In the desert, more than 3 billion tons of oil resources are found to be unexploited. Why are so many tons of oil unexploited in a society that has a great thirst for oil?

oil in the desert.png

The area where the oil was found is in the Karakum Desert, which is rich in oil reserves but as yet untapped. Scientists were exploring the area when they found some toxic gases, so he planned to burn them.At first, they expected the fires to burn down in a week, but they didn't. More than 40 years later, the fires are still there, and this is why the place has earned the name of the Gate.

This fire has been burning for such a long time and will continue to burn according to the previous development, which is why people have been afraid to drill for oil here, once an open fire, it will create more serious pollution of the big explosion.The fire was also the biggest threat before, and it's hard to see how much oil could not be recovered.

Although scientists to develop here is rich in resources, but they didn't expect that the fire will burn for so many years, it has become a reality, we can only look at this situation, until before, we haven't found a safe way to drill for oil, so we can't the resources to take action here.

Although a large amount of oil is needed in daily life, it must be built on the premise of ensuring safety. In the early stage, people's wanton waste of development led to the current situation of shortage of resources.According to scientific research, once desert oil can be extracted, it will be enough for more than 100 years of human use.

Although some new resources have been developed, there is still no way to replace these necessities in a short time, and we still need more advanced scientific methods for better development.