List of Sucker Rod Pumps at Stock

Sucker Rod Pumps And Valve Seat&Ball at Stock&Plug-in Sucker Rod

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 List of Sucker Rod Pumps and Valve Seat&Ball &Plug-in sucker rod

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Sucker Rod Pumps 

Qty, setTechnical RequirementsPhotos
81. Barrel: length 18ft, heavy wall, pin end, chrome plated, min thickness 0.076mm, Hardness HV100900-1160;
2. Plunger: length 5ft, pin end, spray metal, thickness ≥0.203mm, min. hardness HV200595, the base core hardness HRA44-62, and the min. yield strength 275MPa, clearance 0.002-0.005";
3. Ball & Seat: tungsten carbide, one set travelling valve and one set standing valve;
4. Coupling, extension upper and lower: 2ft+2ft;
5. Rod,valve: alloy steel.
 List of Sucker Rod Pumps at Stock  List of Sucker Rod Pumps at Stock   List of Sucker Rod Pumps at Stock
21. Barrel: length 20ft, nickle carbide plated, min thickness 0.033mm, Hardness HV100800-1100;
2. Plunger: length 6ft, spray metal, thickness ≥0.254mm, min. hardness HV200595, clearance 0.002";
3. Ball & Seat: titanium carbide ball and tungsten carbide sea;
4. Fittings: SS



Valve Seat&Ball

stock-valve seat&ball.JPG.png

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Plug-in sucker rod



HL Grade

Surface treatment: anti-corrosion




Plug-in sucker rod is composed of male head, female head, connecting collar and spare cap to realize the separation of torque transmission and tensile load. V-shaped grooves at both ends of the rod column rely on the wedge surface to transfer torque. The rod head connector has sufficient shear strength and is always in the plugged state to ensure smooth transmission of torque.  Thread only plays a role in connection, to achieve the purpose of preventing off.  

Plug-in sucker rod.png

Plug-in sucker rod.png

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