Rod, Stationary Heavy Wall Barrel, Bottom Mechanical Anchor Pump
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Product Advantage

Heavy wall barrel rod pump can be used in deep wells and some complex wells. In addition, through the selection of fitting materials, various heat treatment processes and surface treatment processes, the requirements of well conditions for product strength, corrosion resistance and wear resistance can be met.

Product Detail
SymbolDescriptionTubing Size & Pump Size
2 3/8x1 1/42 7/8x1 1/22 7/8x1 3/43 1/2x2 1/4
Complete Pump Designation
B21Bushing, Valve RodB21-20B21-25B21-25B21-30
R11Rod, ValveR11-20R11-25R11-25R11-30
C12Cage, Top PlungerC12-125C12-150-25C12-175C12-225
P21Plunger, One PieceP21-125P21-150P21-175P21-225
C13Cage, Closed, Pin PlungerC13-125C13-150C13-175C13-225
V11Traveling ValveV11-125V11-150V11-175V11-225
P12Plug SeatP12-125P12-150P12-175P12-225
G11Guide, Valve RodG11-20G11-25G11-25G11-30
C21Connector, Upper BarrelC21-20C21-25C21-25C21-30
C31Coupling, ExtensionC31-125C31-150C31-175C31-225
B12Barrel, Heavy WallB12-125B12-150B12-175B12-225
C14Cage, Closed BarrelC14-20C14-25C14-25C14-30
V11Standing ValveV11-175V11-225V11-225V11-250
S22Seating Assembly, Mechanical Bottom LockS22-20S22-25S22-25S22-30
N12Nipple, Seating, Mechanical BottomN12-20N12-25N12-25N12-30

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